Product Comparison

 DMX 1-Step™ Underlayment
A Roll of DMX 1-Step™
Roll of FloorMuffler
Panels of Dricore™
Approved by North American Laminate Floor AssociationNALFA LogoYes!No!No!
Airflow Design To Evaporate Moisture From ConcreteYes!No!Yes!
Moisture-Proof Seal At JointsYes!Yes!No!
Water-Proof On All SidesYes!Yes!No!
Manufacturer Requires Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Test Prior To Installation On Concrete (ASTM F 1869-04)Not RequiredRequiredNot Required
Manufacturer Specifies a Maximum Concrete Moisture Emission RateNo Limit3lbs/1000sq.ft/24hr***No Limit
Compressive Strength (Plastic Core)
ASTM D 6364-06 (2011)
6,000lb/sq.ft**Not Published6,642lb/sq.ft***
STC (Sound) Rating / IIC Rating66**/69**Not PublishedNot Published
Warranty50 yearsLimited Lifetime25 years
Price*$0.72 per square foot.$0.65/sq.ft.$1.60 per square foot.
*Information obtained on Nov 21, 2015, as per retail pricing at a major coast-to-coast, big-box retailer. Information may vary from area to area. Prices in Canadian Dollars.

**Numbers based on laboratory testing.

***Numbers retrieved from the manufacturer’s web site.