DMX 1-Step Carpet – Features

When you are choosing a carpet pad to go with your choice of carpet, it is important to note that a softer pad actually reduces the performance life of your carpet.

DMX 1-Step Carpet provides the best comfort to performance ratio of any carpet pad in the market.

Plus you get the added benefit of an air gap on the bottom side of the membrane to evaporate moisture causing mold and a completely waterproof surface to repel accidental spills.

“The best performing carpet cushion actually provides less comfort under foot, but extends the life of the carpet installation by absorbing the abuse. -The Carpet Buyers Handbook

“Two of the most common mistakes by consumers is to purchase a carpet padding that is too soft or too thick. Carpet cushion that is too soft, bottoms out when exposed to foot traffic. This allows the carpet to assume the rest of the impact burden; thus shortening carpet performance life.” -The Carpet Buyers Handbook

“Refrain from buying padding that is too thick or soft. Cushioning that is too soft will eventually cave in, bottom out and lessen the life of your carpet overall.” -Avant Garde Carpet One Floor & Home

“Living rooms, family rooms, hallways, stairs and other heavy traffic areas require thinner, firmer cushion.”-The Carpet and Rug Institute

“The most important job of a good pad is to absorb the impact of high traffic.” -SF Gate Home Guide

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