DMX 1-Step – Features

The New Standard In Underlayment

Roll Length27.5 feet8.38 metres
Roll Width44 inches 1.12 metres
Dimple Height 5/16"8 mm
Roll Weight15 lbs6.5 kg
Sq. Ft. / Roll100 sq.ft.9.38 sq.m.
WHISPER QUIETSpace-age contoured foam designed to absorb noise and vibration.DMX 1-Step™ has a state-of-the-art design that provides you with the ultimate in sound absorption and cushioning of your floors, absorbing sound and reducing noise.
DIMPLE DESIGNTough HDPE membrane with unique dimple design doesn't trap moisture like traditional foam underlayments.DMX 1-Step™ has an air-gap dimple design that allows damp concrete to breathe and provides room for moisture to evaporate, ensuring your flooring stays dry, warm, and comfortable.
MOLD BARRIERAir flow and air circulation beneath your finished floors allows moisture to evaporate. No moisture = No mold.DMX 1-Step™ has a unique air-flow design that allows for air circulation under your floors, evaporating trapped moisture and eliminating harmful mold growth, which means a healthier environment for your family.
R-Value of 0.91
The R-Value measures the level of effectiveness of insulating materials and how well your home is protected from heat loss.DMX 1-Step™ has an R-Value of 0.91, ensuring that your floors will be kept warm in the winter, minimizing costly heat loss and giving your family the ultimate comfort.

DMX 1-Step™ is the ONLY dimpled underlayment certified by the North American Laminate Flooring Association, and the ONLY underlayment to offer a 50-year warranty.The highly durable construction of DMX 1-Step™ outperforms all other flooring underlayment, providing years of long-lasting quality, durability, and peace of mind.